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God works in profound and mysterious ways. The genesis of Faith Lutheran Church, a “mission in formation,” was the disruption of life as usual in the life of another large Lutheran Church. Without seeing a clear path to reconciliation, the seed was sown to create a new entity of people who love the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith. Some folks decided to join already established churches but there were some of us who prompted by the Holy Spirit were inspired to begin something new. We do have a sense of being called out. We are a church in the “raw”. That is to say, we are free to assemble around God’s Holy Word and precious sacrament without the distractions that sometimes come from much larger congregations with a church building and larger budgets. We are filled with joy and gratitude that God in His mercy has allowed us to have this time together with Him at the center of all we do. Much like the early Christian church we hold fast to: “For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them.” Matthew 18:20 We are free to focus on Christ’s commands to love and serve God and our neighbor with weekly worship and our direct involvement with domestic, foreign, and local missions. Since we are a small church at this time, all are involved and experience a closeness to one another in mission. We are served by a variety of supply pastors from the NALC who lead worship and are on call for other needs.

We are not sure where God is leading us, but we love who we have become and want to be a blessing to the community of Wilmington.

Our Values

Holy Bible imageChrist Centered

We confess the apostolic faith in Jesus Christ according to the Holy Scriptures. We affirm Scripture as the sole source and norm of faith and life and therefore is a light to, rather than a reflection of, the world. We acknowledge Christ’s saving work of his death and resurrection as the sole reason for our being and by his grace we have been formed. There is a real sense of belonging to Christ’s church and not one of our own making. Our common bond is the gift of faith which strengthens and keeps us. We realize that if not for God’s presence through the Holy Spirit, there would be no Faith Lutheran Church.

Sea Grass imageMission Driven

We believe that the mission of Faith Lutheran Church is to proclaim the Gospel with the goal of inviting people to the discipleship of Jesus Christ. We seek to obey our Lord’s command to love God and our neighbor by directly serving our local, national, and global communities through gifts of our time, talents, and resources. We genuinely love being directly connected to mission work without a national church body influencing the direction or extent of our gifts.

Book of Concord book imageTraditionally Grounded

We affirm the ecumenical creeds and the faithful witness of the Church across time and space. It is our practice to utilize traditional Lutheran Liturgies in our worship while adding contemporary music for a blended worship experience. We are united in our love of our Lutheran roots. We reject the notion of trying to be all things to all people but instead delight and embrace our Lutheran heritage.

Luther Rose 200 imageCongregationally Focused

We are a congregation that is gathered around Word and Sacrament and celebrates the priesthood of all believers. We are congregationally led and with that accept the responsibility of the mission of Christ’s church as individuals but held together by the common bond of Faith. We strive to be a church that functions in a spirit of servanthood and love towards and with one another. We strive for a transparency and communication in all that we do. We strive to encourage each other to serve with the gifts that God has bestowed on them.